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Your home is in safe hands

We understand that when you need an emergency plumber, there's no time to lose, which is why at S&M Heating , we aim to be with you on the same day of receiving your call .

we’re available 365 days a year to assist with:.

  • Leaking or burst pipes.
  • Blocked or broken toilets.
  • Drainage issues that have led to unpleasant or unsanitary conditions.

What's more, we never charge a call-out fee so you will only ever pay for the time our specialist engineers spend working in your home.

All of our local plumbers come with a wealth of knowledge and experience, so you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

Whether you're in need of an urgent boiler repair or a quick solution for a blocked toilet or drainage system, our skilled tradesmen will be sure to carry out a high quality job, providing outstanding customer service at all times..

Our team of plumbers and gas specialists are based in Cambridge and cover the

Would you know how to turn off your water at the mains in an emergency?

For emergency enquiries, call our team now on 03450641247

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General Plumbing

Quality plumbing services on your doorstep

We're proud to say that our expert team of plumbers are fully accredited to solve your plumbing problems.

We offer a wide range of general plumbing services to solve any plumbing problems that you may be experiencing in your home, such :

  • Faulty taps.
  • Broken toilets (This may not be an emergency if this is a secondary toilet that is used less frequently)
  • Leaking pipes on household appliances, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, etc..
  • Faulty showers.
  • Garden taps.
  • Shower pump.

We can also carry out more routine maintenance work to ensure that your plumbing and heating systems run smoothly to prevent problems from arising.

Wherever possible, our engineers will be at your home the same day as your phone call to us, or at a day and time to suit to, to deal with any issues relating to your central heating, drainage, pipes or toilet system. Whatever your general plumbing needs, our team will always provide clear, concise information about the problem so that you can make an informed decision about the most appropriate solution.

Our prices are fair and transparent and we promise that you'll never be subjected to hidden fees. There are no call out charges and you will only ever be charged for the time our engineers spend working in your home. We guarantee that you will always receive a friendly, courteous service from our team and that our engineers will always leave your home as clean and tidy as they find it.

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